Design By Sig and CrazySexyCool Collections available for editorial request and wholesale purchasing

The Lane Style House and Sig Farkash have teamed up to offer retail buyers a truly spiritual experience, that customers will enjoy and cherish! Design By Sig and Crazy Sexy Cool are new jewelry collections created by Los Angeles jewelry designer, Sig Farkash at The Lane Style House. The wonderful jewelry collection, Design By Sig, has incorporated some of the finest handmade materials from around the world. Jewelry designer, Sig Farkash, has traveled around the world and has shared her travels through her collection, Design By Sig. Crazy Sexy Cool is an equally succesful collection, targeting a younger market.
CrazySexyCool Rose Wrap Ring

CrazySexyCool Rose Wrap Ring

Every piece I design is handmade, using natural stones, high end metals and imported items from around the world. High end metals, natural stones, semi precious stones, Handcrafted designs. Design by SIG was established in 2011 with an overnight decision to pursue a true passion and dream. Inspired by my travels which have taken me to nearly every continent and ocean, I find that the objects I collect and the people I meet pour themselves into my designs. One of a kind and limited collections.
Design By Sig's Phuket Bracelet

Design By Sig’s Phuket Bracelet

With the same vision and craftsmanship as DesignBySig, CrazySexyCool uses more cost effective materials, for those who have impeccable taste, but are looking for something to suit a young person’s budget. A Hip, trendy and cool line. CrazySexyCool believes we all have some sexy and cool living inside of us and if you are able to find them, and add a little crazy to the mix, life is an amazing journey.
The Lane Style House’s designers benefit from online wholesale collection listings, selling their collections and obtaining press. The Lane Style House is an online global showroom, was founded in 2011 and has been well-received by the fashion community. The comprehensive showroom joins upcoming and established fashion labels with our media, press and buyer contacts.
“Love my boys, the beach, drums, dancing…. Love my job and Saturday mornings. “Born in Israel, raised in L.A., I’m a designer with manners and a touch of ‘chutzpa’…or maybe the other way around. Every piece I design carries with it a small part of my experience and a large part of my soul. The love I have for my incredible boys, my family, and those close to me are my inspiration. Funny and full of life! I find that the objects I collect and the people I meet, pour themselves into my designs. I know you will find a piece that speaks to your heart, inspires your dreams and goes with you on your adventures. Love & Peace” — Sig
Please stop by and view both DesignBySig and CrazySexyCool‘s full collections.

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